Final results of the 2019 Vietnam Population and Housing Census

Message de Patrick Gubry à propos du recensement vietnamien de 2019.

Dear all,

In August 2019, I informed you about the release of the preliminary results of the April 2019 Vietnam population and housing census. Now, the final results have been progressively disseminated since last December, both in Vietnamese and in English.

The website of the General Statistics Office (GSO) of Vietnam is undergoing major changes and the 2019 census site seems no more to appear. Fortunately, most of the documents are now downloadable from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) website in Hanoi. Here below are the 7 references published to date, in Vietnamese and in English, from the final results of the census, with the new addresses. The other scheduled analyses remain to be published.

  • Ban Chỉ Đạo Tổng Điều Tra Dân Số và Nhà ở Trung Ương/ Central Population and Housing Census Steering Committee, 2019, Tổng Điều Tra Dân Số và Nhà ở Thời Điểm 0 Giờ Ngày 01 Tháng 4 Năm 2019/ The Vietnam population and housing Census 00:00 hours on 1st April 2019. Một Số Chỉ Tiêu Chủ Yếu/ Selected key indicators. Hà Nội, 50 tr. URL : ; 24/10/2020.

Patrick Gubry

Demographer, Emeritus Senior Researcher

Institute of Research for Development (IRD)

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